Our Story

An artisan and specialty cheese shop offering hand-selected and globally-sourced products for the cheese lovers, mongers and everyone in between. Owned and operated by a Midwest-raised cheese enthusiast, the shop is located in sunny Winter Park, Florida serving up both cheese and cheese-friendly products like meats, sweets, jams and spreads making it your one stop cheese shop. But like every great story, let’s start at the brie-ginning.

Meet Annie.  
Annie grew up in Michigan.
Midwesterners love their cheese.
Annie moves to Florida, meets Kyle, starts a family and lives the dream.
One day, Annie and her beautiful family take a trip back to Michigan.
The pair visit a local cheese shop and in the middle of the store Annie declares “I’m opening a cheese store in Florida.”
Be like Annie.

Passionate about her love of cheese, Ann “Annie” Thornton, felt an overwhelming calling to bring incredible cheeses from all over the US and the globe to her new home in the Sunshine State. 

After that life changing visit to the Michigan cheese shop, Annie dedicated all her spare time to developing the concept and harnessing her love for cheeses of all shapes, ages, cuts, and kinds into something simple yet delectable where customers can delve into the world of cheese, bite by bite.

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